The first workshop out of few to come is plaster. I have done plaster before but it wasn’t so in depth as now. I enjoy understanding techniques and materials and ‘getting my hands dirty’ so working with plaster and making plaster moulds I find it thrilling.
Workshop Plaster
We had to choose and bring an object we like to the workshop to be casted. So I chose one of my favourite statues at home. I like the statue because of the facial detail on it (hope it comes out in the cast as well as they actually are)
Plaster Workshop
I am quite inpatient person so the casting process a bit long for my liking as I just cannot wait to see the results and find that there’s alot of waiting around through out the process. Which at times it does not keep me completely occupied.

plaster work shop 1

The most workshop I enjoyed was with Maggi doing textiles, working with dissolvable material.
I had to draw a pattern or a picture on this cling film look alike which is a dissolvable material and it disappears after it’s dipped in water. Also it is possible to mould the picture/pattern is sown on the material. Was great fun to play around with a material like that.
maggi work shop

maggi wkshop end result

Also was interesting to see and learn how plastic molds are made. How plastic was preheated and surprisingly reusable. I used the plaster mould I have used to make a clay statue.
melting plastic molds

making plastic mold

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