Materials matter

To start off my project I start looking at nature and patters. I set my mind on doing wallpaper so I start looking at William Morris as to this day I think he is extraordinary man who has created amount of wonderful wallpaper patters. Few of my favourites are these:
William Morris

Looking at different wallpaper patterns and doing research I have noticed birds and flowers attract my attention a lot and looks great on wallpaper.
So I took a tour down the park and the woods not far from where I live to look for inspiration. Not only the fresh air done me good but I found some pretty things and I put my photography skills into practice.



Looked at different patters I found interesting to give me ideas.

inspirational patters 1

inspirational patters 2
Looked at different flowers and experimented in making them myself.
There are loads of ways in making your own flowers, I found that out when I start looking into it. Different materials has different effects, some of them doesn’t look very elegant but definitely shouts craft.
I have experiment and made my own but first I want to show you where I got some ideas from.

After watching alot of videos I decided the most handmade flower I like was rose. So I start practising. I have used a different technique than the video shows how to make a rose. In my opinion found less complicated way which worked better for me.

Luckily I did not take long to nail it and I start applying the same technique to different materials to make the flowers.

flower samples
I liked a flower a lot which I made out of shelving metal sheet. It shines and has an elegant look , which the way I see it paper or fabric hardly can provide.

fabric flowers samples

For one of my projects I was looking into making flower balls as I find them pretty and very decorative. So I put my flower making into practice and had a go in making one.

2013-11-24 21.29.46

I’ve used wallpaper samples I’ve collected when I was looking at different wallpaper patterns.
I liked the result on how the flower ball came out and made a firm decision on making couple for my project. As I mentioned before the way I look at it, paper isn’t very elegant or very esthetic so I am going to use shelving metal sheet (gold colour) to add the edge to the flower ball.
I have made a prototype as in what it would look like (as much as possible)
flower ball prototype

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