The Death of Art, Design, Author and Human

My first in depth lecture of this second term with Clive Cazaux was rather intriguing. Specially the second part when it was about human and how technology changed us and keep changing us. Post-humanity and how human is changing itself. There was one past of a lecture that made me think about it. It was said technology changing us, but technology doesn’t have to mean a ‘smart phone’ or a ‘computer’ technology is also known for much simpler tools like ‘hammer’ or a ‘spoon’ that helped human ‘change’ or in other words develop. In the lecture was mentions that once upon a time hundreds years ago when human just appear and was rather clueless and discovered that using a stick they can get ants out from the ants nest to feed themselves was off course a measure for survival but at the same tame that stick became part of technology. So if in theory says technology changed us that would mean it start changing human ever since human start discovering survival skills and skills to make life easier than what it is.
Technology advanced very quickly so my thought are that the greed of wanting more and having more changed us more than man-made technology itself. I am rather skeptical on the whole subject as i can see how technology changed our perception to life and wants needed and what is wanted.
Is it right to call our-self hybrids and state that human are constructive beings just because what like what we like. For sure we are not as natural we could be but if wearing glasses helps us see, is it so bad to wear it? or wearing clothes keeps us warm should we wear it out of sake for staying natural? that stick years ago helped humans feed so shouldn’t have we used it? did that make us unnatural to begin with?

Design what a shame about very useful creative designs that get over taken by something useless, shocking and creative.
useful designs that we use everyday and couldn’t live without get unrecognized and becomes invisible. Like a toilet that people use everyday or handles on doors, draws, shelf that we use to open it, nobody stops and acknowledge’s the designs but yet everyone knows about once created meat dress or Michael Lou created rather ridiculous outfit in my opinion for Hong Kong fashion week.
Does that mean art is dieing over all or just the useful designs as the people feel the need to feel unique and shock each other?

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