Personal – Ideas for Field Project

For this term our project is called ‘City’ which is once again very broad subject. I have decided to look at Cardiff City as this is where I spend my most free time. It is hard not to notice that Cardiff is very green city with loads of parks, fields and rivers. Roath park is definitely one of my favorite places to spend my time in summer as city can get a bit ‘full on’ at times and over there on a boat I can forget the pressure of the city lifestyle.
Thinking about all the green places in Cardiff led me to the subject ‘sustainability within a city. What else can be done to sustain green city and improve ecological system?
I went for a little tour around Cardiff, not too far from my university as I needed some Cardiff photos that inspire me and back up my research.
I walked up city road and found this very artistic street, walls were covered in graffiti and street art. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing that was covering the street, clutter, rubbish and forgotten people furniture. No street lights or bins were present but certainly did not lack of pigeons. Couple skips were there too but looked rather untouched and unused. Considering I went there around 11 am it still felt rather unsafe and nerve wracking in case someone ‘jumps’ me. That made me wonder what would it feel like at night when it gets dark as there are no street lighting?
Northcote Street
So I come up with the conclusion the street lights are necessary there. In my opinion solar lighting would be the perfect solution for it, but on the other hand would it go with the streets atmosphere, it might just look odd.

Solar lighting can be pretty big and not exactly very attractive to the eye. I looked up on Internet to see the options available and possible possibility to have hiden but still very efective lighting without creating all the attention to it and in brace the graffiti on the walls that is hidden away specially at night.

So I found this great design by Johgoh Lee that imitates the leafs and is hidden between nature but still have most similar effect than any other street/park light.
Design like that would be perfect in parks or walk paths where are a lot of trees and greens, unfortunately that is not the case in the street I’m looking at.
So stopped myself and start thinking how can I keep the same principal of the light that Johgoh Lee design and create something more appealing to my project.
Graffiti! – nothing else going to perfectly blend in with graffiti than graffiti itself.

I am not very good drawer or painter in that matter, but to understand it, embrace it and get ideas the best place to start is looking up for graffiti art.

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