Recycle Art

We were set a brief to come up with an Art object, Craft object and Design object. For my Art object I decided to look up recycled art and the possibilities that lye within used/recycled materials. Recyling always intrigued me, not only becouse it is good for the environment bet becouse of the creativity of the people who come up with the recyled art. Some of the art pieces doesn’t even look that it has been made out of recyled materials as they are made so well. Even though in my opinion the beauty of the recycled art is that the recycled materials shows within art and is clearly viable.
I found some imagery on google that attracted my attention.
can top mirror
Unfortunately the website I found this can top mirror isn’t on English or any other language i would understand so I couldn’t find out much information on it.
The this wall hanging piece the bottle tops around it look like it belongs there and I could not imagine this any different. It has very retro sheek look which never goes out of fashion.

During the research on recycled art I come across this amazing website which contains links to all sorts of recycled art and some of them even contain tutorials how to create the items yourself.
Going through the website I found this brilliant idea of a tuna fish tin candle holder. That absolutely amazed me how simple and beautiful it is. I does contain very straight forward and simple tutorial. I will be deffinately tying that at home, as I always have plenty of tins lying about.

Also one of the best ones I thought was the mosaic tin can containers which could be used as a table decoration/organizer. I would deffinately would not mind one of those on my desk.

I have looked up on youtube to see if if there is any tutorials or ideas to get inspirations from. I have come across very interesting idea in using plastic spoons to create a wall art or decorate a mirror. Also the idea can be used in decorating a try or a clock. Also the colour of the spoon it can be what ever it suits you and your home deco as it is easy to spray paint the spoons the colour you like. I personally would decorate the spoons as well simply by placing some jems on the tips or possibly having tips of the spoons glittery. Ether way heres the video.

some more ideas:

Spoon decotated clock with full tutorial. Once again brilliant idea but i would add a personal touch to it with the glitz or some jems.

I found a clock out of butterflies that once i actually seen in a shop and it costed fair amout of money. I never tought it would be that easy to make. I guess because it looks so busy and cost a lot of money I automatically assume it would be difficult to make it. But clearly it is not. I does contain patiance i guess and skill of using sissors but not much more.

Very creatuive and simple wall art.

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