Hidden City – Cardiff group project

It is had to notice things around you when you are in a rush. Most people leave their house at times if they need to be somewhere or do something, so the mind is automatically set to get from A to B. Which is hard to acknowledge surroundings.
As a group we went for a wonder, without having any particular destination and discovered a lot of great graffiti along the side streets and lanes (which i have already talk about in my previous blog)
Initially we were looking into graffiti and street art and we researching for some inspiration to help us get started with this project.
This is the stuff we found and really liked. We noticed that street art in Cardiff is mostly done in spray paint. Which does rub off in time and it is easy to be ruined. We looked at different medium which we could use so our pieces stand out from the rest and become more interesting, also would have longer lasting life time.




We looked at different artist to get inspiration relating our idea. Along the way we found space invader which i have already mentioned in my previous blog. He was for sure the biggest influence in our work and idea. We liked the fact how he created a lot of ‘packman’ mosaics and placed them all across towns, cities and different areas where people akwnolage things in different ways.
Another great artist we were able to relate our idea was Isaiah Zagar who is from Philadelphia and he build large scale mosaics. No gallery wanted to exhibit his work so he decided to open people eyes and start building mosaics in town and other open spaces. He also uses quotes and poems in his mosaics to provoke a reaction i believe or to stand out abit more from any other work.
Zagar works not only with tiles but he uses a lot of different mediums: glass bottles, a bicycle wheel, iron, cups, mirror and much more.
He have done a piece located on South Street in Philadelphia which take over few blocks around which seems absolutely incredible.

zagar magic-garden-philadelphia-600
We decided to do an experiment working with mosaic and including a graffiti art to it. We picked one of the graffiti pieces from Nothcote street which we found to experiment our mosaic idea on.
We all agreed that we liked the turtle street art the most sp we done a mosaic piece of one of the squares of the turtle shell.
shell turtle (1)
Amber measured it and drew the square on a piece of cardboard which after i used the piece to cut it out of wood in the workshop. As a team later on we got together and start building the mosaic using tiles we collected from different tile shops in town. We managed to match the tile colors pretty well to the original graffiti piece.

Once the mosaic was done we Photoshop the picture before ticking it to the actual piece of work in the street to see the outcome. Unfortunately we were short on time to do so.
turtle experiment
Once we looked at the Photoshop image of a graffiti and our mosaic on top, we realized the piece blends in too much with the street art also it is a bit too far away for many people to see it. The piece as nice as it is but we doubt it would of caused any reaction.
We looked at different areas in Cardiff to come up with a series of different mosaics to place around that would have an effect on people and make them express the emotion to the piece.
As a group we thought wealth and money is very strong subject so we looked at more run down areas in Cardiff and there for instance we have a faeces to show an extreme representation of more run down areas. Perhaps it is a bit outrageous but we are sure that would attract attention. Would be defiantly worth to try to record how fast the piece gets destroyed,damages or even perhaps agreed to the fact that the area it is as it would of been presented in the mosaic.
We have Photoshop a picture to see how would it look.
photoshoped mosaic
We also looked at wealthy areas and we decided to do a piece on a person drowning in money. I believe that would of caused a rather negative reaction as people do not want to come across as greedy even though most of us are weather we realize it on not.

As a group I believe me worked pretty well. We could improve on our timing a bit better for next time perhaps and also to have more structure within group but apart from that i think we have done well in bringing ideas together and using our skills to have an outcome.

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