Personal -Artist Research – Colour

For this Field project – Hidden City I am determinate to work with colour. I personally like color and bright colors lifts my mood. So I have noticed Cardiff missing colour comparing to other cities.
To come up with inspiration and ideas start looking at artist that use bright colors in their work.
I come across an artist called Karen Hurley and she builds pictures out of buttons. It sort of reminds me of mosaic just a different medium.

Laura Pattison – A mosaic artist that works with different mediums to build mosaics that are colorful and playful.
I like the fact that she uses glass based tiles and also that she involves different things like buttons, beads or found objects in her work pieces.
Japanese artist Haroshi use recycled skateboard decks to create these remarkable art pieces. His work showcases a style of mosaic shapes, bright colors and and stripes. At each color connection, pieces were melted together to form the final pieces

John Jones Installation Project – ‘Framed’ Staircase
he piece, entitled ‘Framed’, was composed of over 600 metres of mouldings from John Jones frames in a variety of colours, textures and finishes, all created on site at our Finsbury Park workshops. Incorporating wood, metal, painted and hand gilded mouldings, the finished piece cascaded down the staircase at the entrance to the V&A.
Angelo Murgo – 142-step staircase of Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy. Each step is decorated with a different ceramic mosaic.Each year for about a month (typically May – June), potted plants are creatively arranged on the historic steps to create a giant artwork for Scala Infiorata (the Scala Flower Festival).
<img la-scala-infiorata-staircase-art-from-pottet-plants-caltagirone-sicily-italy

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