Personal – Shapes, Forms & Banisters

I start looking into stairs I have noticed there are many shapes and forms of stairs. Many not traditional, conversational looking staircases becoming very popular so I decided to look into it for my project.
Stairs as Home Library
The bookcase/staircase is pure genius–using the once unused spaces under each stair as library and turning each into a separate nook to enjoy your favorite reads.

”The world looks different when when you suffer from Parkinson’s ”
Unconventional advertising to raise an awareness about people suffering with Parkinson’s disease. A brilliant way to attract attention using beautiful imagery on the staircase.

This spiral staircase with a slide is a legendary idea. I would absolutely love to have one like that in my home. Its very fun way to travel down 🙂
To have staircase like that in a city would be even greater and i am sure it would attract people taking stairs, but I highly doubt health and safety would approve.

Paul Cocksedge has been commissioned by Resolution Property to design a central feature for Ampersand, the state-of-the-art creative office development in Soho, London.
As you emerge onto each floor, you can now enter the center of the spiral and into social spaces devoted to a specific activity: a place to draw, to read a novel, to pick fresh mint for tea. The plants along the balustrade, which are not intended as merely decoration, but envisaged as a working garden, each plant cared for by individual members of the community.

This is definitely very beautiful and inspiring design. I love everything about it and specially how the workers interact with the staircase/plants. I only wish to design something like that one day. Hands up for Paul Cocksedge this is one truly amazing design.



A very important detail which I didn’t pay much attention until now is banisters that are on the staircases. Most stairs have banisters and that could be the detail that attracts peoples eye and encourages to take stairs.

I am looking into more naturalistic looking banisters/ railings and this one really grabbed my attention. I love the detail on it and how it looks like vines.

I much prefer wooden banisters than metal.

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