Personal – Final idea

As my final idea i decided to have two images on the stairs. One image going horizontally and the other one vertically. I liked the idea of seeing two pictures on one staircase. The images i used i found online as the images i took and was hoping to use wasn’t that impressive and it wouldn’t of had the effect i wanted.
The first image i used was of the waterfall and that is the image i placed horizontally on each step.

The second image i used was of the steps going up. I liked the idea of the image of the steps being on the steps.

This image i placed vertically on each step.

I used card paper to make the staircase also i used fur fabric around it to imitate the grass.


I looked at different banisters which would suit the staircase i created. As the end result i decided to go with repetitive pattern which would be build in panels. I used blocks of wood fixed together.
I made four squares 15 cm by 15 cm with the criss cross in the middle. which i stuck together leaving 6 cm in between to create a panel which would repeat the same all the way up the banister going up.
Of course to finalize the panel it all had to be sand off to be smooth and waxed. I liked the original color of the wood so decided not to color it with wood dye. To make the panel prettier i decided to lazer cut flowers which would be darker than the wood an stick it in the middle of criss cross of each squire. The image i used was found on internet, i really liked the flower and i thought it would work really well.

The original idea was to have the black vines as in the picture cut out with lazer cutter but unfortunately it did not come out as the print out had to be small and when i have gone through with the pen on Coral Draw the lines were not wide enough to be cut out.
All worked out well at the end as once it got printed i liked the small flowers perhaps even better without the vines. A small detail on the panel is all i wanted.


Once the finishing touches were done on the wooden panel i was ready to stick the flowers in place. Each squere had a flower in the middle.
With the details added i had my finished sample of a panel which would need to be repeated as many times as needed depending the the length of the staircase and the banister.

The idea of this project was to encourage people to choose going up the stairs instead of taking a lift. As there are not much nature within a city so i decided to bring forest feel to the city for a split second while going up the stairs hoping that would attract the attention.
I believe like every project it can be improved. Making it interactive and fun and would grab people attention even more but perhaps this is something to think about in the future if i would like to take this project further.

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