Personal – Getting inspiration

Not too far from where I live there are woods, so i decided to go for a walk to look for inspiration and take some photos which could go on the staircase i have made.



I was hoping to get few good shots of the woods/forest which could go on the stairs. Unfortunately as good as it looks in real life the photos weren’t what i was looking for. I was expecting to capture something more exotic than that. So going to the plan B to look online for a picture more suitable to place on the stairs.

I think the waterfall will work brilliant as an illusion going down the stairs. So decided to use this one instead of one of my pictures i have take.
However i am going to create an illusion so i decided to use one image which would go horizontal and the other one would go vertical.
Chosen picture of the waterfall will be placed horizontal on each step so when looking from the top of the stairs the whole image will be clear to see.
The second image will go vertically on each step so when standing at the bottom of the stairs preparing to go up the whole image will be clear to see. I thought of using image of the stairs in the forest to use to go on the stairs. I managed to find this beautiful photograph online, which i believe will suit perfectly.

I imagine the banister on the saircase would be like vines to give that forest feel when going up. So became a paparazzi in the woods to get some ides and to get idea on how to recreate the vines on the banister.
2014-03-31 15.30.55

2014-03-31 15.31.19

2014-03-31 15.31.48

These are some great vines that i have found, which would look great but on the other hand i am not convinced it would be very comfortable for the hand to hold as going down the stairs or up. Perhaps it could be in between the floor and the banister? and keep the banister smooth and comfortable. Before i set my mind to it i will have to conciser all the options.
The other shapes that i set my eye to are something like this.

I like the ”organised” look, they are made out of wood which is the material i like to work with.

While thinking about the look of the stairs i want to achieve to attract public, i decided to experiment in making stairs first.
I am not a big fan of working with clay but i did try making steps with rakoo clay.
2014-02-20 14.30.05

2014-02-20 14.00.41

2014-02-20 14.57.17

Once the steps got fired in a kiln i decided to do a mosaic on top of each step as an experiment to see what would it look. Also to make the steps a bit more appealing to the eye. I have done a pattern of a sun and used yellow and red tiles which i had left over from the field group project.


The stairs i build from clay didn’t come out as good as i hoped after firing, it became a bit out of balance but as it was my first try i am happy with it, next time i will know not to make the same mistakes. The problem was the sides weren’t the same measurement so next time i will use a ruler to make sure the sides are exactly the same size.

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