Reflection on a project

From the moment I have received the handbook of a field project and a structure I set my mind to do a project on sustainability and solar lighting. Unfortunately i got grouped under the tittle ‘Hidden City’ which was a bit of a throw off as I started doing the research on sustainability. However the group project went pretty well and I enjoyed working with people and sharing ideas. Within a group we found graffiti common interest so we start looking into it and doing research. Everybody did their bit and it turned out pretty well. I am certainly happy with the concept and the idea we come up it. The experiment we did in building the mosaic over the chosen graffiti work did not work the best, as it bend it too much and it wasn’t the effect we wanted, but that is what experiments are for. Sadly we run out of time to complete the idea and bring it to 3D form, but the experiment help us to realize what needed to be changed for the work to become success if we wanted to take it further in future. On my behalf the presentations were the weakest points as I am not big in speaking in front of the crowds and often loose what I meant to say. Hoping to improve that as time goes on.

As far as the personal project goes I am happy with the concept and the idea, I do believe it could be improved and taken further. My time keeping on this project wasn’t the best and I did not feel very inspired within the city theme. However I am really happy with the banister design and it turned out to be good. Even though there are few details I wold change because I did not think it though before doing it. I guess that is one of my weaknesses – not thinking through everything before start building it. I am going to be extra careful about it next time. The squares turned out great but the criss cross in the middle are not so and next time I would pay more attention, unfortunately they are not all going the same direction, which I only realized when I finished it.
Also I really like the two picture idea on the stairs I think it works well. My favorite part is the picture of the stairs in the forest which goes on the stairs vertically. Because before approaching the stairs from a distance you would only see the picture of the stairs. I was hoping to get sound of a waterfall or birds, which would activate when walked on the steps, unfortunately time was limited as i finalized the idea quite late,and I haven’t learned the skills to complete the project as of just yet.

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