Candle holder final idea & reflection

The design piece for subject i decide to be a candle holder as every home needs handles and candle holders to make the home feel more homely. As i was going through my ‘loved up’ time in my life i decided to do separate letters which would spell LOVE once they are placed together. At first i thought of attaching them together but thought that trough and i liked to leave an option to placed the letters as an individual would want, to place the letters as it pleases the eye or the mood that day. Instead of having candles poking out at the top as most candle letter holders have i decided to have mine at the bottom behind the each letter, so when the candle lit up each letter would have a glowing effect.



i wanted the letters medium thickness so to make the letters i used two pieces of wood which i found laying about in the workshop and glued them together using wood glue. Once it all dried i made templates of the letters i wanted out of paper, transferred it to the piece of wood and cut it out using a bandsaw tool in the workshop. I sanded off the edges to be smooth.
At fist i planed to paint the letters white and i was hoping to do a design on top of it. Once i have tried to do it, i backed off the idea as i did not like it in the slightest.


I needed plan B for the design so i start looking into mosaics as that is something i enjoyed doing once upon a time. I start looking into mosaic candle holders and i thought it looked rather cute. So i digged up some of my old cream tiles from the garage and decided to use them. I smashed the tiles using a towel so the tiles would not shatter everywhere once i hit it with he hammer. I collected the pieces in a jar and start gluing them to the wooden letters. I used 2 in 1 wood adhesive.

It took me quite a while to do all the letters as when i wanted to re-position the letters to do the side or or other end i had to wait till it dries and sticks properly and wouldn’t slide off. I was taking photos as i went along but unfortunately they have got deleted by accident and i didn’t do the back up of them. However once the letters were all completed and the tiles were properly dry and secure i had to grout each letter to give that finished touch and also to cover all the sharp corners of the tiles. I chose to use white grout. Mixed the grout as instructed on the box and rubbed it in gently so the grout would go in to each gap.



once the grout was all set and dry i used a spurge with some warm water to clean the grout off the tiles. Sadly on some of the letters the grout cracked which i am not sure why but i think maybe because i put a lot of grout in some places that the others to even all out. Also once i cleaned it with the sponge some gaps appeared too, I guess i didn’t rub the grout in as well as i thought.
Once all that was done i polished the candle holder and displayed it in the house.



Overall this design piece for subject worked out quite well i think. There is bit of improvement to make but am very happy with it. Someone even asked me if i could make them one, which it made me feel about even better.
As far as health and safety goes, i don’t think it would pass at this point. Each letter is quite heavy, also one of the letters isn’t very stable even though it stands. As for my own home they are perfectly fine, if i would need to do something like that so someone else i would improve the stability and also the stand for the candle.
I always found myself finding the faults after i have completed the project, with time – or as soon as possible i hope, i am to overcome that and acknowledge about the things ahead instead of concentrating on a present and realizing the issues right at the end.

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