Recycled wall hanging

The more i look into the recycled art the more i like it. specially the fact that some recycled art/home decor/wall hangings do not even look like it has been made from recycled materials.
Somewhere on the internet a while back i have noticed this wall art hanging and it was made out of recycled toilet paper card – the round middle bit. I thought that was a fab idea, there is always loads of rolls left over that just go in the bin, why not to use it?
So the image popped back in my head which i saw few weeks back of this wall hanging piece which was made out of toilet rolls and i decided to look into it.

i think this piece is incredible, not sure where could it be placed apart from an exhibition as i don’t see much use of it, but is definitely very nice to look at. Also this website don’t day much about the artist who made it but hand up for whoever made that, very talented.
‘One mans trash the other mans treasure’ the saying definitely fits perfect for this.

Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebağ used hundreds of toilet rolls in creating his paper installations displayed at a gallery in Germany.
Sakir Gökçebağ, based in Hamburg, began the project, called Trans-Layers, after being inspired by ordinary objects which we overlook in our everyday lives.
The 47-year-old started his career in Turkey in the early nineties, but relocated to Germany in 1995.
Mr Gökçebağ says he is inspired by making ‘normal objects’ beautiful and ‘finding the poetry in the everyday’.

Absolutely love the colors in this piece,and the way it is done.The piece just flows across the wall.

This is not made out of paper rolls but this paper quilling technique looks really beautiful and impressive. Once again i love the bright colors and the flow of the piece.

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