Wall Hanging final idea & reflection

The final idea or an art piece for subject project i have decided to be a wall hanging/mirror made out of toilet roll cardboard that is left after the toilet paper has gone. I felt quite inspired by it and also i really liked the idea, also the flexibility is shapes and form possible. The amount of patterns is possible to create with them would suit anyone’s taste.
To start is off i needed quite a bit of toilet rolls so i start saving them in a bag. It took me few weeks i got to say as i wanted to make a decent size wall hanging to suit my wall.
Once i saved up approximately enough i start cutting them 3 cm with each and experimenting with the shapes and forms.
1526698_10203859291105775_1018844436546216525_n (1)






I knew i wanted a rounded mirror in the middle so i decided for that it be better to build a rounded shape. Out of all experiments i decided i liked the flowers the best and decided to do a repetitive pattern in a circle and then few flowers poking out of it. Three on one side and three on the other.

I start building it all at once as i went along gluing it. I used hot glue gun to save time. Once i build it all i had empty middle which i filled it in straight lines, i didn’t want to make the piece too busy and crowded with too many patterns.
After i finished building the piece, i start painting it black with ordinary watercolor based paint. I decided on the black color because i am decorating my house at the moment and the color schemes are cream black and gray, as i want this wall hanging piece hang on my wall i thought black would be most suitable color. Also i want Little diamonds to be in the middle of the flowers to make the piece more glamours.

The original idea was to paint the reachable places black with paint as that would firm the paper a bit as long as water is not used. Then spray paint it all over it so it would cover the bits that left unpainted and the details that was hard to reach to paint. Unfortunately as my luck i could not get hold of any black paint anywhere in Cardiff so ended up spending a lot of time painting all of it. Some of the small details i had to change as it didn’t hold the wight of the paint and lost it shape.
Once it was all painted and dry sprayed quite a bit of extra strong hairspray on both sided hoping it would firm it even more a the mirror that i wanted to place isn’t heavy but i don’t want to risk not holding it. The mirror i chose to go on top contained little fake diamonds around it, which i wanted the same color to go in the middle of the flowers too. Once again lack of my organised skills i couldn’t get hold of the type i wanted but i found the same thing in black which worked out just as good.
And the finished piece come out just like this:


I like the piece and the design, I think the mirror works really well with the color black. On the other hand i feel like i disappointed myself in a way because as once again i have got too excited about making it, and start doing it without collecting all the bits i wanted for it before hand so had to compromise. Also i didn’t think everything through and i was concentrated too much on the finished result as in my head it looked brilliant instead of the techniques i should of used. For one in the middle of painting the piece i have realized to make it firmer as hard i should of soaked the paper pieces in pva glue mixed with water, that would of hot the shape better and make the whole thing stronger. Also instead of building the piece and trying to paint it after i should of just painted the paper rolls before hand of building the wall hanging. Perhaps experimenting with the patters wasn’t enough and i should of build a sample before building the whole thing.
I guess it is all a learning process, and realizing your faults is the first step of improving on your work. So next time i will try to control my excitement of doing something and try better in looking into the techniques in how things are done, and experimenting more to make my life easier to avoid disappointments on the end result.

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