workshop review

Since the begining of the year and throught out the terms, there were lots of skills to learn. Some inductions were better than the others and some were more appealing to me than others. Here are some pictures of the workshops have done and enjoyed doing.
I have done glass workshop which i enjoyed a lot and would want to learn more about it. here are some glass pieces i have done.



The most workshop i enjoyed was wood by far. Surprisingly enough, when i started the course i thought wood would be the last think i would want to do. Turned out completely different, absolutely loved the workshop and learning what is possible. Wood really interested me.
At one workshop i start building a little table which sadly i did not finish but that’s the bits i have done.





i have done some experimenting with turning, it was working quite well until the top of the wood broke and i couldn’t carry on turning it. i have made the top too thin. Ether way it was good to have a go and learn how it is done. If i ever decide i want to include that in any of my future work i am confidant in doing it by myself, which is i am happy about.



At the beginning of the year i have made a wooden box too which i am very proud of. Which i gave it to my mum for Christmas as a jewelry box.




Also i have done glazing induction which was more interesting than i thought it would be when i went there. At one point i was planing to make my own tiles so i was looking into glazing. Then i have got distracted by something else and never achieved what i was planing to. Mixing chemicals to get different glazes i feel really complex and do not really understand it as yet, perhaps if i ever pick the idea of making tiles again i will look into it more deeply.


Lazer cutter is a fab tool which amaze me, from the first induction i didnt understand everything as i am not the best with the technologies, but once i had a go and had some advice i have managed to do what i needed. This is definatly i am going to look into in time to come as this tool is very handy and this is very good knowledge to have.

Practiced to make paper again too, even though this is something i have done before it was good to refresh the memory.

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