Poppy ball

The final idea of a poppy ball is to have tree poppy balls which would be made out of paper. I have tried working with fondant as i was hoping to make the poppies out of that, but it did not work for me. The fondant didn’t set properly and the leafs kept breaking. So after the experiment i decided it would not work well for me and gone back to my original idea which was to use paper. Experiment in making few poppies and it worked out well. I build a sample starter ball.



I use foam balls and the paper flowers all around it. To have the ball symmetrical i needed to glue the poppies all around it first and only after to fill the sides.

The finished balls would be displayed hanging on the white wall.
I would also want pair of hands holding one ball too to represent the deaths of the solders. The pair of hands wither would be ceramic or from wood. I did have a go building hands to see how i go but it did not work for me. So considering i like working with would i would need to look into the process of making hands in wood.

I am happy with the poppies and they way they tuned out. A bit gutted i was short on time to finish sample ball of poppies to make it more visual.

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