BAMS – Medal

The first project of the year is based on live project with British Art Medal Society, who are looking for new creative and ‘out of the box’ medals to be displayed at the museum.
At first I was quite overwhelmed with is and to be completely honest I wasn’t even sure where to start. I have never considered medals much of my passion, I also haven’t got experience in making a medal either, or what good medal would require. Rather clueless in that matter. So I have struggled with this at the beginning. However I have decided on my theme that I wanted to go with, which is ‘Beauty & Ugly’ or ‘Negative & Positive’. Going down that route therefor I am making only one medal instead of two as the medal will have two sides.
To begin I was concentrating on sustainability and earth but that didn’t excite me much even though I know it is a problem we are facing right now, and to bring the subject up would be good, make the people aware of whats going on.
However I am reading this book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and also watching videos on YouTube of by Leo as I am working on self development right now, and the idea popped in my head which I am getting excited about. I also can relate that to myself, so the medal at the end will be more that just a piece of bronze but it will be a piece of me too, which I am hoping the viewer will be able to relate in one way or the other too. So I have decided to do a piece on life and journey in life.
I am still keeping the principle of negative and positive in a way as I am still doing one medal with two sides.
For the back of the medal I imagine it being as a maze as life is just like a maze, you might know where you are going but suddenly ‘the wall’ might appear after the next turn. Also to me a maze represents that not destination in life is important but the journey itself. How well is possible to deal with the difficulties and obstacles. Even if there’s a wall in front of you, you need to keep moving one way of the other, and not being stuck in one spot even you cannot see the path at that point, there’s always a different turn somewhere out there to be taken. Also taking risks in life and having confidence and not being afraid of taking responsibility. I believe having a maze would represents all those matters perfect with the theme I am going.
On the other size of the medal that relates to the maze, I imagine to be as a compass. As sometimes even if the direction is clear, and you know where you are going it can change very easy and its simple to loose track. Also a compass would represent the guidance and the will a person of finding or looking for that purpose of your journey in life.
So that’s the idea for this project and I am really passionate about. I am even excited of making a medal 🙂

Also here are the links of the book I have mentioned in the post if anyone would like to have a look or read it. I would definitely recommend it. It is great guidance of how to achieve your desires in life.
And of course Leo from who is great in helping and explaining the difficult matters of personal development in very easy terms.

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