Mind Your Own Business pt1

Today was the first day of field, and well I have got to say, it was a lot to take in all at once considering I have no background in business what so ever.
We all got split in groups of 4 or 5, and we all are from different background of study. So far I think the group I am in is great, we all got along straight away, start brainstorming ideas and where we wanna take this project. The tasks of the day were fun to do and helped us out a lot to open up and come up with idea. First was to get to know each other and discover what each of us bring to the table. As our group are made out of : Graphic designer, illustrator, product designer , and me as a maker. I believe it is a perfect combination of skills we have to make this project successful as long as we work as a team and use university facilities and our individual skills and knowledge to the maximum potential.
However the next task of the day was to agree on some key values that our business will have to maintain through out the project and hopefully after, if it is successful. Once we decided the key values individually we had a good discussion about them and come up with the main ones that we all agreed on. which are: Financial Gain/ Achievement, Creativity, Responsibility and Accountability, Quality, Co-operation.
Based on the key values we had to come up with the name of our business, which would maintain trough-out. The main aspect of our values within business was the quality and standard of the product we are going to make. We are definitely decided to aim for a quality product that would certainly keep the client happy. Considering that we came up with the name ‘Luxe’ (with the apostrophe on the ‘e’) to express the high standard, luxurious feel of the business we want to be.
On the second half of the day we start brainstorming our ideas of what product we want to do. As it is Christmas season, it made it obvious we need to come up with something seasonal to boost our sales at the uni market sale later on in the project. However we didn’t want to limit our-self’s so we are considering it in having a range which would suit the Christmas season but also as an everyday buy. After a long debate of what we could make, we come up with a range of candles, as candles are quite Christmasy also it is perfect as a gift or as just a house warming factor, specially if the candle are sensed. Everyone likes candles no matter of the gender, which opens up the market range on customers, and even if some men do not like candles a women always going to appreciate a nice romantic present, which would encourage a man to buy a well nice presented sensed candle as a gift for a woman.
Also it would not cost a lot of money to produce it, as candle holders I can do it at the university, there are plenty bits of wood about to make stands for tea-lights. The wax hopefully we could order it online or maybe buy some cheap candles and melt it down to make our own.
We also talked about introducing and making chocolates too which people can add on to their gift, also considering making Christmas bobbles which would go around the packaging or possibility of lazer cut Christmas tree, a dear or a Santa as a packaging decoration.

We also had a guest from last years project to talk about their experience and provide some advice, which gave us all a drive to succeed in this project and defiantly make profit of our product no matter what.
Really looking forward where this journey going to take us.

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