Discussion & Research of Luxe the brand

In this session we had A2 sheet which helped us to realize what what Luxe is all about and what are our goals are.
With specific questions in mind about Luxe we had to answer them as a group.
-Whats in a name?
1.what does it mean?
2.what brand values does it convey?
3.what else does it communicate?
4.does it represent our collective values & how/

-Product Range
1.Cost point?
2.Materials used
3.Types of manufacturing process?
4.functional or novelty?
5.seasonal or all year?

-Your Competition
1.who are they?
2.where are they?
3.what do they offer?
4.what’s their UPS?
5.whats their ESP?
6.who are their customers?

However some of the questions on Product Range couldn’t of been answered at that point. We didn’t know our typical cost point as we didn’t know how much all making is going to cost us in the first place, so we left that out for later on. Also with the manufacturing process, we couldn’t exactly answer that at that as we are not sure completely on it and the research need to be done.
However here are the complete sheets we have done.





In one of the sheets we start working on the packaging, we drew quick sketches of what we had in mind as individual and merged the ideas together. We also made a week by week plan what needs to be done so we keep on time and complete the project by the due date.

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