For this years constellation I got to do Sonic Art and Soundscapes with James Kent. At the beginning I wasn’t too sure what to think about it as i never considered sound as art and never gave much though about it. At the first session of Sonic Art and Soundscapes we have watched few videos of different artist/researches of sound what works with sound and either creates art using sound or loves discovering and exploring of different possible sounds.
Chris Watson was one of the first videos we watch and it actually quite intrigued me by all the water sounds and underwater sounds that simply with the ear you cannot hear, only with special equipment it is possible to embrace and understand the wonderful soundscapes underwater.

The other video we watched was of Harmonic bridge by Bill Fontana. He recorded the bridge and the recording was played in Tate London in 2006. In my oppinion the sound of the bridge was rather creepy and scary. When i closed my eyes listening to the sound that he recorded pretending i dont know that it was the bridge, the sound reminded me of empty barrels rolling about and the chains hitting the barrels, such a sound i would expect playing at a horror movie. I guess all depends on the individual person imagination how a person want to percive the sound. However the sound of the bridge for me gave a negative feeling and a bit uncomfortable. However the sea soundscape by Chris Watson game me more relaxing and calming feeling the chance to clear the mind of negativity.
Which made me think how sounds effects us emotionally and side effects of our behavior. Could that be a reason that the city sounds which most of the time we don’t even acknowledge makes as more angry and stressed or negative, comparing to the people who live someone close to the sea or nature? Does the sound around us influence us behave differently without us realizing it?

Leif Brush is another artist/musician who mixes electronics and naturals sounds together to create different sounds. He says “Nature has an orchestra” also be believes that a lot of patience and little bit of help of electronics to amplify it and turn up their orchestra.

Personally i am not sure what to think about it, for my ear its a bit of irritating man made noise.
However i like the idea of creating a piece of art while listening soundscapes and man made noises. As i have already discovered taking myself as an example from the first session of sonic art and soundscapes that sound does influence imagination. Materializing the sound you hear is another intriguing point that got my attention. As people perceive sound as they want to unless it is explained through out what it is why & how. So if the sound is unexplained the imagination of the individual would take place and extraordinary unique art could be produced.

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