Designing a chair

To get the measurements of a chair we split in groups of two and picked three chairs that appieled to us, which after we had to get a big sheet of paper and draw around each chair. We had to measure each chair and compare it to come up with one measurement which we would after go with. The chairs we picked were these three:


The excersise to draw around them was to help us to visualise the size of the chair we were making. The drawings didnt come out the greatest although it did help me to understand a true scale of the chair and what it looks in 2D.


Once we compared our measurements and come up with the average number we had to work in a scale with is 1:6, and we were asked to make models in a scale of our designs.
The further the project went the harder i found it. The drawing part isn’t my strength however I did few designs and I always went back to my initial idea of a leaf. The chair I have in mind is not a standard chair, and I imagine it as a lounge, relaxing chair. Low floor low back structure.
The only good knowledge i have is with coral draw which helped me to design the parts which after I lazer cut out of mat board and build it so it become 3D which is to help me to realize the pros and cons about the chair I want to make.
After many tries i finally had my structure:


In keep struggling in matching the parts and the way way join. I can’t still work it out for the middle part to join the rest,which is an important part as it would hold the whole structure of the chair.
Although the chair the chair structure and the base isnt going very well, it is time for me to think of the chair itself so its comfortable to sit on. I was thinking of using chicken wire or mesh to comer the base and use wadding and fabrics on top. I was debating weather to make one big leaf that covers the whole chair or to make a lot o small leafs which would be digitally stitched and would have a 3D feel to it, like its a nice pile of leafs on top of the chair. I have consulted with a TD and the final desision is that I am going to use a lot of small leafs instead of one big one.
To decide of the shape of the leave I have researched leafs and picked the one that I liked the most.



Thee most interesting leaf I believe to be is the last one. Once I create a file of the leaf I can start sticking it out, which I would layer fabric –> wadding –> fabric. After stitching it with digital stitch it will have a 3D look.
For the matter of fabric I found it rather simple, at first I was debating weather to have different collected fabrics and make the leafs out of that, however I decided to keep it simple and more suitable for the persona so the final colors will me black and orange. Orange because is the personas favorite colour and the black is because it would contrast well, also it would make it less feminine chair.


Looking into Personas interest

To visualize it better and have better understanding of what the person likes I decided to look into the main factor that the person talked about and clearly have got excited about. The core I believe to be is a car called Lamborghini – Aventador , because the person talked about it rather passionately and explained why and what about the car that is so attractive to him.


The person really like the shape and the sides of the car, of course it is hard to argue the car is very nice and looking very futuristic which instantly lead me to the conclusion that he does like futuristic shapes. The car it self reminded me a lot of spaceships.


Canada and skiing was a big part of the interview, he has mentioned he loves the look of the mountains there.
The shape of the mountain and the way that snowfalls on it, brings me back to Lamborghini side view, find the similarities between them, perhaps its the sharp edges and a sleek look.
In the interview one of his favorite designers/architects that he have mentioned was Santiago Calatrava, which I got to give in on this and completely agree, the buildings by Calatrava are stunning, very modern looking, in a way brings me back to the futuristic look and the spaceship look.


Saint-Exupery Station in Lyon France 01

It is not hard to see that the theme on the interest keeps the same shape and is constant through out. It is clear that he prefer sharp edges but smooth finish, very futuristic and modern look.

Although I found out what he likes and how he likes it, I still cannot find anything that would suit my interest too.
Perhaps it is just a bit too modern and ‘manly’ for me. So the next step would be to look at the softer side that he likes and I could relate to. Like walking, he has mentioned that walking was a big part of his life and also Venice was one of the best holidays for him too.


Looking at these two pictures the most that stands out for me is the nature, green leafs, grass, flowers. This is something I can try and work with.

For this chair project however how but I am determent to use hard and soft materials combined together. I also always imagined to be detailed work. As a person i like using sewing machine and textiles in general, so i would like to bring the skill and involve it in the chair making. Looking at the seat of the chair, perhaps a leaf wouldn’t be so bad, and it is something I would like too.
Perhaps something like this but onl the chair structure would be out of wood and the seat covering be made into a leaf.I imagine a different leaf though, i would say someting like this:
However I am struggling to understand the structure of the chair and the joints. So I haven’t got a clue how it would work, but idea is there.
Creating a mood-board helped a lot, gave me some ideas and possibilities what the chair could look like. Although trying to expand the structure is a no go at the moment, seems a bit like a different language.

chair project

At this level 5 field part two, we had quite few good options to pick from. However I decided to give myself a challenge and go with the chair project where as individuals we had to designs and make a chair from scratch. I found this project rather exciting, hands on and practical and as I like working with wood and I am more practical person than anything else I thought this would be perfect for me.
In the first meeting we all found out the brief and that we have to design a chair for someone else rather than our-self based on the questionnaire given by the tutor. Which little bit throw me of balance as I was determent to make a chair for myself and I wasn’t thinking of any other option than that as I start doing research through out the Christmas holidays and i had already set my mind on the design. However we all had to randomly pick piece of paper which would have a persons name on that we have to interview later on with the questions provided.The people were all lectures, TD’s or tutors from different practices which made it interesting, i guess who have got a TD person have been slightly luckier as they would be able to help to solve the difficulties along the way, however all the names had to remain in secret until the end of the project which would end in 5 weeks.

The person i have picked is a male mid 40’s and has a sense of humor. I am glad i accidentally picked someone i know already and get along with, it saved the awkwardness i believe.
However the persons style, hobbies or any likes are completely opposite than mine although we do have a mutual colour we like – orange 🙂 which seemed ‘a bit of a sun on a rainy day’ during the questionnaire.
What I gathered at the end of interview:
*Bold shapes
*Likes mountains and snow
*Favorite place Canada
*Iphone fan
*Likes orange
*Dog lover

I wouldn’t exactly say this inspired me a lot and also I hardly can match it to any of my interest, so the hope of making a chair for myself but also that matches the persona on any way is sorta out of the window, as my interests are:
*40’s-60’s era
*Vintage glamour
*Rather be on the beach than anywhere else
*Cat love (although I love all animals)
*Bright colour person

The only hope is to research personas interest a bit deeper and see if I can relate to in any way.