Designing a chair

To get the measurements of a chair we split in groups of two and picked three chairs that appieled to us, which after we had to get a big sheet of paper and draw around each chair. We had to measure each chair and compare it to come up with one measurement which we would after go with. The chairs we picked were these three:


The excersise to draw around them was to help us to visualise the size of the chair we were making. The drawings didnt come out the greatest although it did help me to understand a true scale of the chair and what it looks in 2D.


Once we compared our measurements and come up with the average number we had to work in a scale with is 1:6, and we were asked to make models in a scale of our designs.
The further the project went the harder i found it. The drawing part isn’t my strength however I did few designs and I always went back to my initial idea of a leaf. The chair I have in mind is not a standard chair, and I imagine it as a lounge, relaxing chair. Low floor low back structure.
The only good knowledge i have is with coral draw which helped me to design the parts which after I lazer cut out of mat board and build it so it become 3D which is to help me to realize the pros and cons about the chair I want to make.
After many tries i finally had my structure:


In keep struggling in matching the parts and the way way join. I can’t still work it out for the middle part to join the rest,which is an important part as it would hold the whole structure of the chair.
Although the chair the chair structure and the base isnt going very well, it is time for me to think of the chair itself so its comfortable to sit on. I was thinking of using chicken wire or mesh to comer the base and use wadding and fabrics on top. I was debating weather to make one big leaf that covers the whole chair or to make a lot o small leafs which would be digitally stitched and would have a 3D feel to it, like its a nice pile of leafs on top of the chair. I have consulted with a TD and the final desision is that I am going to use a lot of small leafs instead of one big one.
To decide of the shape of the leave I have researched leafs and picked the one that I liked the most.



Thee most interesting leaf I believe to be is the last one. Once I create a file of the leaf I can start sticking it out, which I would layer fabric –> wadding –> fabric. After stitching it with digital stitch it will have a 3D look.
For the matter of fabric I found it rather simple, at first I was debating weather to have different collected fabrics and make the leafs out of that, however I decided to keep it simple and more suitable for the persona so the final colors will me black and orange. Orange because is the personas favorite colour and the black is because it would contrast well, also it would make it less feminine chair.

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