Back from scratch

In all fairness the project is not going very well for me and the enjoyment is disappearing within each day. So I decided to get myself and what I like completely out of the picture and concentrate of the personas likes and needs, perhaps that’s what I should of done from the start, but I guess better now than never.
I am looking into futuristic chair designs again and see what would most appeal to the persona.


I believe this is type of design persona would prefer and be rather keen on. I find the white chair with two bits cut out inside quite inspiring and a nice shape also its a rocking chair which adds some ‘spice’ to it.
To understand and realize the designs above i have picked the best suitable designs which i found online and printed them on a A3 sheet of paper. Once the pictures were printed i have copied them on a separate sheet of paper which after i copied the copied images again and starts modifying them and playing about with possibilities. At the end of that exerciser that i created myself i found myself with pretty decent (or so i think) design. Fingers crossed nothing will go wrong too much now and this chair design will be thought through as much as i am capable and completed as soon as possible. Of course prototypes, experimenting and planing is needed but i do like the shape and i am willing to stick by it.

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