Chair structure

Well….no matter how I do it I don’t seen to get the structure right, I find it rather upsetting by now, like a ‘fish trying to climb a tree’ and the time is running out.
However I did manage to lazer cut couple prototypes, and one of them did build with the help of hand fixing it 🙂


Ideally the real size chair will have the same structure and will be strong enough to hold a person. I am still battling the the correct places of where the joints have to be.
In the mean time I have decided to create the imitation of the leafs. This time I didn’t use wadding in between them as I made the leafs to scale and the leafs a tiny, so I am going to leave wadding for the final leafs instead and not use then in the prototypes.

I have used orange material with black tread on one set of leafs and black fabric with orange thread on the other set, which after I will mix them up and fix it to the prototype of the chair.


chair in3in1

Once I have completed the prototype I have noticed the chair looks more like a bed than anything else, I am not sure how I missed this factor at the beginning when I build my first prototype out of mat-board. The issue I believe to be is that the chair is a bit too long and the back legs are too short. I do not feel very positive about this chair anymore even if I change design.

Perhaps I need to go back to the stats and see what else I could do to simplify the design, as it is clear I find it way too challenging.

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