Sum up for ‘Are you sitting comfortably?’

Right from the beginning I was excited but yet a bit nervous about this field project. When I picked this field project, I have gave myself a challenge which I was determined to complete and to be successful no matter the fact I haven’t got a clue about furniture or chair building or even a general knowledge about it. I decided to risk it and see what happens instead than always wonder what it would be like. As the project started I was ready to begin and fire away. Then we found out we have to base our designs on the questionnaire of a person that we have to interview. This rocked me up a bit as I had a design in my head already from thinking about it throughout the holiday.  However I thought of perhaps adapting the design to the other person after the questionnaire was done.
In the mean time we were having exercises of how to draw and sketch which slightly tempered with my emotions as I just find it impossible to do, but looking at the bright side there are different ways of expressing ideas, I just needed to find them.
Still after the questionnaire was done and completed, my positivity slightly gone down as the person is completely different, with different hobbies or likes than me, so the chair I have imagined would not work in any way. So the next part I thought of picking the answers from the interview that would appeal to me too and add them into a design. I picked colour orange as I like orange too and the answer that he likes to walk a lot which I do too. No matter the style of the chair as the person likes futuristic style and I am more of 1940’s person, I simply thought it would be easier for me to make something if liked it, and feel passionate about.
Once I come up with design which is in all fairness I found it very hard, I had to alter it a lot in between each stages, so my design actually changed as I went along. However I set my mind on the textile side of the chair and I was quite confident about using sewing machine. Once that was sorted and planed all I needed is an actual structure of the chair before I can start making the textile leafs and the seat for the chair. However after many tries and tweaks I didn’t seem to get the structure right and the time was running out. In a way it made me wish I never took this project on as it just brought me down and made me doubt myself and my skill. At the end, project might be over and I do not have a chair to show but I still have got time to complete it. So I am not giving up just yet.
I looked back in the all five weeks of the project and decided to start designing from scratch, take my mind of the old design and start fresh. Good news is I have already come up with a new design by looking back on the person interests and hobbies, which actually I like too. Also by seeing my groups made chairs helped me to visualise an easy design which would be possible to do even for me. The new design I come up still needs development however I feel positive about it.
This project definitely showed me that I will not be a chair or furniture maker :), I don’t find it very passion-able like I thought I would, it was nice experience it and realize it that it is not for me.

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