At the beginning weeks of the ‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ we have had some workshops and inductions about the possible tools that there are to help us with our planing of the design and completing it.
We were introduced to CNC milling machines which i am planing to use at some point in the future to make my chair. As it is the easy and quick way to do it, specially when we are using 12×12 ply wood. Also the machine saves the material and places the created pieces to most convenient and material saving way by itself. However to be able to use CNC machine you must have some sort of knowledge on the computers and either rhino, illustrator or coral draw programs. As for me… i wouldn’t call technology ‘my best friend’ but however i do know how to use coral draw, which is rather old and very simplistic but it works for me. I remember i have learned on it because i was so intrigued by a lazer cutter and i really wanted to use it. Which actually through out the chair project we had quite few workshops with lazer cutter, which i used the time to try and correct the design i was doing at the time and i was hoping i am going to make it work.
Also not forgetting stitch workshops, which are my favorite however this time i didn’t have much chance to spend much of my time there. For the chair i was going to make a lot of leafs using digital stitch, which is another really impressive piece of machinery.
I have never gotten to the stage of making loads of them, although i did make samples


To stitch the leaf digitally, first i needed to get a picture of a leaf that i like or of course draw it but am i am not very skillful drawer so, i did choose a picture of a leaf that i found online. Once the picture is on a memory stick and is able to open up on the required program for digitally stitching, I traced it around the leaf and some of the lines inside. The stitch pattern can be manipulated and also changed, this time i picked a simple three-stitch stitch. The final leafs would of been on black and orange fabric.

In few of the group workshops we had to build some wire and mat-board chair structures, I believe this was to realize the chair structure easier. However i really struggled with the mat-board ones, however i did do few that as best as i could.


Later on i tried to realize my design and how it would work, before using the lazer cutter for the parts i have tried to build it by hand:

This was a core and the beginning of the design, however i dropped the idea by building it by hand after these two and every other prototype there is i have done it using lazer cutter.

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