Finalizing the box ideas – Luxe

Finalizing the boxes was quite of a struggle and we made quite few mistakes along the way which threw us off behind the schedule by quite a bit.
The main idea that we were going with was to have L shaped boxes that would slide into each other making a rectangular box which would have a sleeve over it holding the boxes in place. L shape because of our brand name Luxe, which we thought would be a nice touch. However after few tried we had to give the idea up as we just didn’t manage it to make them conveniently enough and the time was running out, so lazer cutting the boxes and after gluing them together by hand simply wasn’t enough time on the amount of chocolates we were going to make for the sales day and the pre-orders.
Thanks to an amazing Google search we found a quick and easy box template on which we used to come up with a box that was easy and quick to make which worked out well as we set out selling goals quite high right from the beginning.
So instead of making an L shaped box we end up with a square box which holds four truffles in each and has a gold sleeve on it to brighten up the box a bit. Also we thought of attaching little Christmas wooden shapes to add an edge and make the box interesting and festive.
As it was winter season and the sales event fell very close to Christmas, other bigger box that we come up with was shaped of a Christmas tree, to attract the customers. The box was rather successful although we did have few difficulties with the size of it at first, we managed to fix it in time to go through with it. The tree box had a gold wrapper around it and we also decided on the wooden personalized tags to spice it up a bit and to make the customer special.
All the boxes have an inside tray that the truffles sits in so it is stable.
Here are the finished boxes


We were profit and quality orientated team so we have made cellophane bags with four truffles in and a wooden tag for a cheap price to boost our sales and also so anyone can enjoy and try our delicious truffles.

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