Sonic Art & Soudscapes

At the second session the few of the videos really got stuck in my mind. The favorite one must be ‘One Pig by Mattew Herbert’ created in 2011 and is about pigs life.
Which really had a big emotional impact on me. The video and the sound recorded shows the pigs life from the birth to the end of life when it gets, cooked and eaten by people. The artist didn’t manage to get the recordings of the pig actually getting killed but the sound of it being cooked and eaten was enough to have an emotional impact. For a second there i have really considered myself becoming vegetarian. On the other hand humans are in a sense animals too and it is a food chain.

Other video that thought me something new at the session is by Alvin Luceir I am sitting in a room which was created in 2012 when he recorded himself reading and after played the recording while recording the recording until the resin frequencies of the room reinforce themselves and the sound gets destroyed. I have never knew that is possible and that is new to me. Here is the actual video:

The video and the sound of the Cabaret Voltaire nightclub in Zurich was rather unusual and for me personally seemed a bit bonkers because of all the things that was going on and the different sounds that was played. However it did remind me of something that i would do on a funny moment 🙂 Once i found out the meaning of the piece which was only after it was played it all made sense. At first hearing the piece my imagination took me completely elsewhere than what it was. Which brings me back to the point that if sound is not explained throughout it is up to the person to understand it the way they want to.

John Cage is the other artist that came to my attention. Specially the piece of 4’33 where there no sound at all, or so we say there isn’t. The artist actually lets the audience to create the sound as in reality it is impossible to hear no sound at all. Even in an isolated quite room with only you in it it would not be possible to hear complete silence. The sound of the breathing as the blood rushing through your veins would be impossible to ignore.
Many argue its more an art piece than a sound piece, i personally believe it is a combination of both. It is a contemporary art piece as as there is in reality nothing to it apart from that it does attract the attention because its so unusual and nobody has ever done that before. Is that enough to become a contemporary art piece? well that would be a different ‘branch’ on a subject…
As it goes for a soundscape piece however it could fit into the brief slightly taking in consideration that there is no silence and letting people listen what they hear for those 4 minutes and 33 seconds is a sound that they create at that point in time. Is that enough to become a sound piece? I guess that depends on a personal opinion and argument.
Also In one of the sessions we looked at Pierre Shaeffer, Eric Satie and different sound pieces for public places. Considerably this is not my field of interest, however i did enjoy learning about their work and understanding their passion for sound.

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