Sum up for ‘Mind your own business’

At the beginning I didn’t really know what to think about it, but having a business always interested me so for the first field project I decided to try it out and see what it is all about and weather it is for me. Either way having a basic knowledge will be handy.
I loved the talks that was run through the five weeks, I found every talk which was presented by different business owners were really inspirational. Made me realize that no matter if it goes wrong you have to pick yourself up and carry on, find out what and why went wrong, fix it and try again. Life is a learning curve.
To sum up the whole five week experience of trying to make a business in couple words would be exciting and exhausting. Exciting would be defiantly because it was new and without knowing what am I getting myself into I was enjoying every day of it. The designing of the packaging wasn’t my strong point but with the team we have pulled it off. I also have to say because of this project I have mastered coral draw pretty well, as the boxes were a struggle at first. Also the wooden Christmas tags needed tweaking quite a bit to be suitable for the boxes, so it was just as stressful at times as exciting. Also the fact that at the end of the project, if we do well, we will have something back from it, and I don’t mean just experience but also the profit from it. Also I am very glad that our team clicked on very well from the beginning and that we had the same idea of what we want out of this project, which was to make some extra cash and make some profit. Our main aspects of our product were always the same from the start to finish —> Quality, Profit, Visual appeal. We have struggled at times through the project which definitely was very exhausting, like the boxes we couldn’t get them right till the last minute and our budget had to stretch a bit as we didn’t plan everything correctly so we had to dip into the pre-ordered chocolate bucket, which after we had a fear of not making the money back. Our timing wasn’t very good either some aspects took us way longer to do than we thought it would. Our stitched tags for the boxes took us all day to complete which after we realized it wasn’t even enough of them. Also the gold paper that we ordered and were going to use for the sleeves fell through and wouldn’t of arrived in time so we had to cancel it, which for a moment we thought the whole packaging would be ruined, but it must of been our lucky evening. At the end in one of the studios we found some gold used paper card which was absolutely perfect for our boxes. Of course we had to cut around it and make it work but it was worth it. The boxes came out better than we thought and if not of the found goods that we recycled we wouldn’t have made the show. The pressure was on and we really didn’t think we are going to pull it off but everything came along the last minute and I couldn’t be any happier. It was very stressful and tiring but it was defiantly very useful experience. I do see this like a crash course of business knowledge. Really enjoyed the project and to come out as a group with the most profit was amazing. I believe we definitely reached our goals no matter the stress and the difficulties along the way. I personally would not carry on with the LUXE brand as a long run thing as by all counting it would not make money and it would be very hard to complete with the other well established chocolate brands, however I really enjoyed the experience and the haircut after 🙂





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