Thinking/making of the detail

Right from the start of our group meeting as a team we have decided that packaging is definitely going to be a big factor in our sales no matter what the product is going to be.
Once we have decided and had a clear vision of the product and the packaging we have started to think of the small details which usually have the most impact on selling the product. It is always important for a product that is for sale to have a nice visual appeal to boost its sales and appeal to more customers, and to do just that we have decided to go with rich glamour colours like gold and white. Gold colour also suits Christmas festivities a lot so that was an easy decision to make. As we were making four different flavor truffles we thought of doing different colour labels which would go on top of the boxes so that it would be easier to separate the flavors that are in the each box.
We made the labels for vegan chocolate which was deep green colour and white background and milk chocolate which was brown and white colour.
We also used silk gold ribbon on each boxes and the cellophane bags to make the packaging more presentable and pretty. Also for the square boxes we have stitched ‘I Love LUXE’ on a piece of fabric which we stuck on each of the square boxes, it added more character to the box and the whole packaging.
This is us stitching it out.
To make the packaging more festive we decided to lazer cut Christmas tags to go on the Christmas tree boxes and the cellophane bags. Pre-orders were personalized with the required names on them wishing Merry Christmas

Of course the packaging wasn’t the only details we had to think about. We decided to have uniforms which was a simple black t-shirts with I Love Luxe logo on, on the right hand side of the t-shirt. We purchased tops out of the given budget and designed our logo which after using digital stitched we stitched it onto the t-shirt.
We wanted a professional look as we were aiming high for our sale target.


Also a lot of thought went into displaying our product. As we selling chocolate we wanted to make it attractive and look delicious.
We had upside down glasses stuffed with marshmallows and some chocolate peanuts, which on top had a gold try with the samples of our truffles. We placed three stands like it across the table. We also got a gold Christmas paper table cover which went ideal with our theme, and off course rest of the table was filled with our product. I am personally very happy the way display turned out as we didn’t have enough time to practice it before hand, so the visualizing worked out well.


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