Constellation PDP

This year for my constellation option I got James Kent and the subject on sound and soundscapes. This was one of my last choices as I never thought I would be interested in knowing about sound. However after couple of the lectures I have embraced the teaching and became quite interested in the subject. I still do not believe I will apply any of it to my practice, but it was nice to get understanding about it. After that on the next term of study all became surreal as we all had to pick a question for our dissertation next year. I was really in decisive on what I wanted to write about. This is a really big decision for me as I find writing quite hard as it is so I wanted to pick a right question for me which would interest me and make my research fun.

At first a question I have picked was about ‘ How punk rock culture influence art and design’ However after doing the research I found it rather boring and it didn’t interested me as much as I thought it would. I do like punk rock culture, fashion and style so it seemed like a right question for me bu it wasn’t so I reevaluated my interests and I decided I am going to write about power of subconscious mind. This is something I am interested and have been in to it for quite sometime already and the subject does influence me in my work. Recently I have made a medal which is a fully functioning compass based on journey in life, experiences, down falls and how to keep to your purpose in life as a goal. In connection to my work and the high interest I have on how to maximize a human potential to live a fulfilled life, I have come up with the question which actually really excites me and I cannot wait to find out and learn more about it.  The question is ‘Power of subconscious mind – how to achieve success’ The subject of the matter is really broad, so in my dissertation I am going to concentrate on the small fraction of the subject. My plan is to look at law of attraction, what is it and how it works. Look at people who used it and applied the secret to achieve success. Subconscious mind is a wonderful thing. Through your subconscious you attract the life you have so by learning how to control your subconscious, life can be massively improved. There are great knowledge about it out there that not every one yet accepts as true. However Joe Vitale, Rhonda Byrne and Joseph Murphy are few of many great teachers that writes in their books about the powers of that human mind. According to them human mind is like a magnet that attracts what ever you give out to the universe. If a person is positive thankful for what they already have they send a positive signals to universe which universe send back rewarding with the desires you have. Your subconscious mind attracts the things you want the most. According to Joseph Murphy day dreaming is your subconscious working, visualizing and accepting it as true. That is the great thing about subconscious mind, what ever you day dream, dream or visualize your subconscious is accepting it as true and with repetition of the thought it is possible to have what you dream about. It is just that easy. However it is hard to filter your thoughts sometimes, so in my dissertation I will cover how to control and filter your thoughts, how to get rid of the bad ones and concentrate on the good positive thinning. Also in my paper I want to look into techniques that are used to achieve success through subconscious mind. Which would be meditation, you need to be calm and feel peace, clear your mind for your subconscious be able to accept the full image of the thought. Visualizing is one of the most important steps, believing it that it is already yours, feeling the feeling of satisfaction of having the things you want. Creating a wishlist or a mood board with pictures on of the things you want will help to boost the vision for subconscious mind to accept. Repetition of the thought, vision and feeling is however a must. As your subconscious is working on getting the desires for you but it doesn’t happen over night so you need to be patient and repetitive of what you want. Many philosophers, writers and artist had applied the law of attraction and have been spreading the word about it for centuries. Taking one of the biggest artist and philosopher out there is Leonardo Da Vinci who mastered the secret. In my paper I do want to find out and write about weather there is any other methods to activate your subconscious mind to achieve success

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