Looking back at overall field projects

Overall experience was interesting and a learning curve. Some experiences were better than others, taking as an example at the Mind your own business project I enjoyed the profits and the marketing aspects, also the sales day was fun although we were all tired as we didn’t finish everything till the last minute, it was rewarding to be the top group to make most of the profit. The talks throughout the project by the self-made businesses were great and really inspirational it gave big boost of confidence. It gave me a basic understanding how self-employment works and how much thinking and research it takes. Long hours on the other hand and the rush, stress and miss-timing wasn’t so great. We have made a lot of mistakes as we went along because the pressure was on and we didn’t have much time to think everything through. Everything was very rushed, which I think in real life I would think about the project like this and do a lot of research and planning how it would all work. In this project we didn’t really have that. We had to proceed as soon as possible with the idea as otherwise we wouldn’t of made the sales event, there wasn’t much room for failures or experimenting which I believe in real life is a must if thinking about creating a business. I did really enjoy this project though and I am glad I picked it. Second half of field which I picked, ‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ Was a complete opposite experience for me; At first I was very positive and couldn’t wait to start the project even though I wasn’t sure whether I am going to succeed. I was very positive and I was going to try my best as making a chair sounded interesting. Within second week when we had a sketching and drawing time I knew this isn’t going to go very well for me. I was way behind everyone else with my drawing skills; I couldn’t produce the sketches that were needed. It actually brought me down emotionally little bit. I have lost the desire for the project. However I knew I had to complete it no matter what, not only because I had to but I didn’t want to give up. As the weeks went by I found it harder and harder, nothing was going right for me. I have found it very stressful. I never thought this project is going to be easy but I never thought I am going to find it this hard neither. At the end of five weeks I didn’t manage to have a chair on time which, upset me as I am emotional person however I put my mind to make a chair throughout upcoming weeks for the show, and I have managed to make it. I wouldn’t say it is my greatest piece of work, but I am still proud of myself as I really have tried my best. What I have discovered within this project is that I am definitely not a product designer and will never be one. I learned that this industry is not for me. I have mixed emotions about it as in a way I wish I picked something else as that might have been more useful however I don’t regret in picking this as this showed me that I am completely not interested in it and wouldn’t do it again.

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