BAMS medal

At the beginning of the project I did really get in to it. As making a medal seemed boring for me and old fashioned. I started my research and I looked at different types of bronze medals which to be completely honest did not excited me in any way. so I have struggled with the ideas at first also we had to make two of them which I thought it is going to be nightmare. then we were informed that the medals don’t necessary need to be bronze and any medium can be used,only the people who want to submit their medal to BAMS needed to be bronze. that opened up my ideas a bit as I am not a fan of working with metals. although it would be nice to have a bronze medal as I never done a technique and would of wanted to learn how to do a bronze cast.

instead of making two medals I thought of doing it two sided medal instead and tell a story or do positive and negative and how positive cannot survive without negative and universe. my first idea was to do beauty and monstrosity which moved me in looking into the planet and how we are destroying it with all the litter etc. also how we are caging ourselves with all the technology, ignoring the true beauty, nature.

The theme made me think to have a planet Earth in the cage on one side and possibly of a bird or a tree on the other.  Looking at the Earth images and other planets I start thinking about the universe and how beautiful planets are. This took me to think deeper and think about life itself and our responsibilities as a human and the purpose of life. Also reading the book by Rhonda Byrne called ‘the secret’ made me think about our journey in life and how we get stuck sometime not knowing what to do so we do nothing. As the subject really interested me I looked into it more which I found Leo who has YouTube channel and talks about self help. He covers a lot of subjects and summarize them and explains it in very simple way, so anyone can understand. This research led me to an idea to make a compass of life which would be just as a compass but it would have stages of life instead of directions. the stages of life however are directions too, which some people get lost or found in. After doing the research stages I realized would be Purpose, focus, activity, doubt, trap, comfort, routine, confidence. As the way i see it is that everyone have their purpose no matter what is is, however it needs to be found to reach the full happiness. with the focus and being active working towards that purpose is that what would fulfill you as a person. however many of us doubt our-self instead of listening our first instinct or doubt our-self because other people doubt us. which after that we get struck and trapped in our doubts not moving forward and not feeling happy completely however we are comfortable as routine made us to adapt and feel secure although we are not truly happy inside. Then getting the confidence is a must in breaking through the routine and focusing on the purpose which would fulfill you as a person and make you happy. Sometimes it is a vicious circle and it is very easy to loose track of the purpose as opinionated people sometimes can drag you from your focus.
Once i start doing some drawings to visualize my idea i knew this was it, I really felt passionate about and making a medal seemed a fun process after all.

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