BAMS research.

I am not very passionate about the medals and in fact i do not know much about it. It seems quite boring for my liking. Also hard materials like bronze never interested me. However sometimes i guess you have to do what you have to do. So i am going to have a go, learning how to do bronze cast i guess is quite interesting, i believe the more you know the better, never know when i might need the skill.
To start the project i am looking into beauty and monstrosity as i am more into pretty things, although there would be no beauty if there was no ugly.
I like nature and flowers a lot, so taking a rose into a consideration. Rose is a beautiful flower however the stem in not so attractive. It seems like a flower trying to protect itself from the dangers around it so it was ‘born’ with spikes like a bee with the sting.
Looking into images of the rose: Positive and negative:



This is a really beautiful rose and the stem isn’t as ugly as people think. Of course is not as beautiful as a rose petals but it like a bad hair day on a beautiful person. Maybe the ugly is the surrounding, for one people picking it for their own pleasure and also the bugs that sometimes do not let the rose open up fully as they destroy the rose away.
Looking at the insect pictures makes me itch, it is a truly ugly side in my opinion.
Birds are one of my favorite animals as most of then have beautiful colours and also i like the fact how free they are:

They are the beauty of the nature and are needed to our planet. However monstrosity of human kind sadly destroying the planet slowly, with carelessly littering around. It really makes me upset the fact that human kind killing nature for their own benefit.
Earth is a beautiful place every way you look at it, ans so are the other planets. Makes me wonder what is out there, is there anything beyond.

All planets are so beautiful and it amazing how one universe joining us all together. One power of energy. Which human kind are, we are a big ball of energy that belong to universe like everything else on the planet and beyond. This brings me to the subject i have an interest in, how our subconscious mind works and how we are capable to have what ever we desire in life without necessary struggle just by the power of mind. Of course the right training as from young most of us adapted to the worlds negativity. Da Vincy and many philosophers have discovered such a secret years ago, but as the secret has been hidden for so long, human kind are unaware of their power any more even though it is still there.
Our journey depends on us and how we travel though life. As it has been said, we are like magnets attracting what ever we send out to the universe. So if we send out bad negative we will receive a negative, the same works with the positive energy.
The thought makes think about our journey through life. Why we are in a position we are, weather we planned it or are we happy where we are, weather we use our full potential, are we fulfilling our purpose in life. How to be truly happy.

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