Making of the medal two

Second medal i wanted to keep the same theme as i really enjoy it. I decided to play around with the image at the front. This time looked at dove images and picked the one i liked the most. I picked dove because i see dove as a national freedom sign/bird. I believe everyone has a choice no matter what the situation is. The is always a choice. At the back i stuck to the maze image as i mentioned before, i see maze as representation of life journey. Which like a free dove, we are in charge of the next step in life and we are responsible of choosing which way to go.
Instead of doing bronze i chose to work with pewter as it is a shinier material and it is easier to work it. Fist i lazer cut my image of a dove and th life stages that i come up with on the piece of wood, the same way as i done it with the boat image.


Then as i wanted two sided pewter medal i had to cast each wooden cut out in silicone, which took 24 hours to set. After that i used the molds of silicone to recreate the circle with the images out of wax. The wax process was fun as i experimented along the way. At first i poured the wax and waited to set, which the more was the longer it sets. However i decided to see what happened if i dip it into water while the mold is setting. Some really creative shapes turned out, which i was really happy with.


Once i had all the wax pieces that i needed and liked, I had to add two wax molds together as i wanted two sided medal. So i attached dove image and the maze together using some hot wax. After i have dome another silicone mold using the twi sided piece, this time i used heat resistant silicone which would be able to take the heat of the pewter.


Each mold had to set 24 hours, once it was set i melted pewter and poured into the molds. The abstract molds i left it un-attached as i wasn’t certain what i wanted to do with it yet, i wasn’t sure weather i wanted to keep it as a singular side or not. Once the pewter set and the pieces came out out of the mold, i was very excited about it came out. I have polished the pieces using hot and cold method and also used a bit of graphite on top of it to give a bit darker edgy-ness so it wouldn’t be so shiny. looking at the pieces i decided to add two abstract shapes together and make it extraordinary. I made a pewter ring to sin in between them as i didn’t want them to touch, i thought it looks better with the gap, most because some of the print was left when i dipped the hot wax in cold water which i really liked and want it to be visible. To stick the ring and attached both sides i used silicone glue, which worked well. I am really happy with the final piece




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