Research journey in life

I began to read this book by Rhonda Byrne called the secret, well n all fairness i have read the book few times now as evrytime i read it i feel positive like i can achieve anyting i like. Specialy the times when i feel stuck in life and not sure where i am going or weather any of my choices are correct. Also accidently i have found this amazing guy called Leo on and he has a yotube chanel where he covers many subjet on self help and happy life. To me he poped up on my youtube suggestions accidently at a really right time in my life which madee me think its faith. I am not gonna go in to it however listen to him i felt better and he has inspired me a lot.
For this medal idea i want to base the concept around life and journey of life. The purpose which would make us happy. As many people i am still not sure what my purpose is but i am working on it.

There are plenty more videos on self help or even just to understand the mind and the emotions.
For my medal i decided to do a compass as that shows the serch for direction as sometimes we feel lost and not sure where we are going.

Old compass on white background with soft shadow

Old compass on white background with soft shadow


all the video i find it seem to show only a compass that contains water. However i am sure it is possible to have a compass without water, the same ones as some people have as a key ring or the one that people take on trips. So all i would need is a magnet and a needle with a little hand that would go on top of the needle.

I am sure i will be able to create a compass. I do not want to have just a normal compass though. Mine will be meaningful. I want to look at stages of life and why people fall away from their purpose of life. Also why people are at if they haven’t discovered the purpose of life and why.

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