Chasing free stuff

As a student i do not have that much money so i rang up all recycling companies around Newport hoping to get a chair or any furniture that i could upholster. However i wasnt succsessfull and all of them wanted money so i decided to take a trip to a skip yard and ask around there what they have got. Luckily they have had a chair for free which i can have and the chair is better than i hoped for. I am very happy with the bargain.
I have also noticed a lamp dumped in the corner, which after asking very nicely i was allowed to take too 🙂
Pics of the lamp*****

I don’t know much about upholstery so i am not sure how i am going to complete it. I believe though if there’s a will there’s a way, i will learn as i go along.
Also i am thinking to make the the chair a bit personal and have some sort of signature of mine. As i like animals and nature i decided to look at animal prints that i could screen print it onto the fabric that i use to upholster a chair i have got.
I want to look at powerful animals or royal animals. Like tigers, lions, puma, cat, swans, peacocks, corgi dogs. i think it would look nice on the back of a chair and possibly a cushion to go with it.




Looking at them all i personally like tiger the most.

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