Design consequences

For our subject we have to have two projects one is BAMS and the other one is called Seed in which there are few project choices to pick from. I chose Design Consequences because i felt it is more open option and i couldn’t get into the other ones. At first i tried to conciser pewter project however i didn’t feel passionate about it so i dropped it and changed it into design consequences.
As i am a nature lover and believe in saving the environment, i decided to look into recycling material. My fist idea was to use old clothes or fabrics to create home ornaments or furnishings, like cushions or door stops etc. However after a debate with myself i decided i do have more skill than just do that, so i wanted to do something i haven’t done and give myself a challenge. I am still looking into working with recycled material but decided to consider doing upholstery over old furniture or old things. To start my ideas i looked online and checked craft magazines. The best ideas i found online.

I absolutely love how bright and playful this sofa is. Also i really like the style of the. On their webpage there are even more fantastic designs.
Looking through all recycled furniture makes me want to do it too. Specially the rococo style chair, would be great. I absolutely love the stile and the button back chairs. It is very stylish in my opinion.

Looking through the images i am really inspired to upholster a rococo/19th century chair or a footstool. As i still want to do recycling i am going to see if i could get a free or at least very cheap chair.

I have also have an interest in using plastic bags as there are a lot of plastic bags waited which doesn’t help the environment in any way. I have experimented melting them (using an iron) and sowing into it, also there are possibility of making one strong bag out of alot of plastic bags. The idea is to weave it and iron it (which would become one piece material) which after could be used as fabric (in a way) could be used to make purses or bags.

After filtering my thought og how to use the plastic bags (as experimenting in making a bag out of bags didn’t have much attraction to me) i have decided to try making flowers. I preferred that a lot more and the idea came to make a lamp out of plastic bags. 🙂 I would imagine the piece being a very large scale. This is my experiment of doing so on a lot smaller scale.

PicsArt_1433673602498[1] PicsArt_1433673852668[1] PicsArt_1433673703979[1] PicsArt_1433673955357[1]

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