The making of the medal

To begin with I first looked up at inspirational quotes that would inspire me. Also I thought of putting a quote around the meda that I would feel that is suitable with the theme that I am doing. I am looking into happiness and the journey of life so I googled quotes and many come up. I picked few that interested me however only one really stood out for me.
Looking at this quote i start developing my idea further and tried to match a picture which could possibly go and an image on the medal/compass i am doing. I have done few drawings however i am not the most skillful drawer so mo drawings didn’t satisfy me. After taking to my tutor i have decided to look up online for some images that would suit my idea. I took direct approach to the quote and looked for the images of the boats or anything that represents freedom. I have found couple images of the boat that i really liked and i was prepared to use it. In a way i am disappointed of not able to draw an image to go on my medal as getting an image online is like using someone else work to go on mine but by using different technology the picture changes and adapts to my work.
To proceed with the making of the medal the first thing i have done is , i used rhino program and created simple shape of a compass which later i have printed on a 3d printer.


Once I had the shape i wanted i designed a circle to go inside of the 3d shape compass i created. I had an image and the stages of life that i come up with. Purpose, activity, focus , doubt trap, comfort routine, confidence which would go in the places instead of the directions that would appear on the actual compass. I have designed it using Coral draw which i would after lazer cut on a piece of wood. as i couldn’t pick which boat picture i choose i done it on both and looked which one i like better after. This helped me to decide.


I knew from the beginning that i wanted to use a maze on the back of the medal as a maze is the pest to represent life and the life journey. As sometimes even if we know where we are going with our life we still are blind of the path. Any turning can be the end of the plan that initially was planed so we improvise and go on the journey in reaching the goal through a different path. Also the quote that i previously found helped me of sticking to the maze idea.”Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell
Planing sometimes is not worth it as following your instinct is enough. Having a goal and welcoming possibilities in life instead of restricting yourself with the ‘life plan’ will get you what you wish for. Experiences in life is needed to succeed, no matter weather they are good or bad. We learn as we go through life as in a maze as every turn has something different to offer for our knowledge.
I have tried in drawing the maze myself however i found a lot better ones online that would suit my idea. The maze i picked has a 3d look in a way, so i really was keen on using it.

I have dome the same with this picture as previous one. I used coral draw to create a file which after i used lazer cutter to engrave the picture on the piece of wood which would suit perfectly on the back of the 3d print i have done previously.

The first idea was to do a medal out of bronze as i never done a a bronze casting before so i wanted to learn, however i am not too keen on working with hard materials. So the first medal i decided to use wood and now as i experimented with the images and i kow what i want, engrave the wooden piece on the inside and the back. On the inside it had a a boat i have picked as a final and the maze. It was hard work center the image on the wooden piece but it was definitely worth it. It came out great and after i have polished it using wax it looked even better. To finish the first piece i used a plastic dome to go on top which fit perfectly inside and a magnetized needle which works as same as a compass needle. Over all i am really happy the way it turned out, Love the effect of wood and the lazer cut has a great effect.


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