Finished Chair

For my field project number two i picked a char project where we had to build a chair. My journey through the project was harder than i thought and at the end i didn’t enjoy it very much however i have gained skills through out the project. I used and gained experience with CNC machine also i pay a lot more attention to detail than i use to as i have learned small details are very important when designing. No matter what it is, an art piece or a piece of furniture.

So after all the stress and my battle with this project i have finally made the chair 🙂 Its better later than never.

I am proud of it even though it is perhaps not the best chair ever however i really worked hard on it and i am very happy in achieving the chair as there were a lot of moment when i really thought i am not gonna have a chair.

so, once i managed to CNC the chair parts i had to glue the parts together , and sand it off using electric hand sander. Once it was all smooth and i was happy with the parts i put all the parts together. I used 8 copper pipes to join the two parts and bolts to screw it from the other side. I also used heavy duty rope to tread the seat of the chair.

PicsArt_1432826949090 PicsArt_1432826979394

PicsArt_1432822714885 PicsArt_1432822765120 PicsArt_1432822809141

I have made few faults in making a chair however it is stable for time being. I am going to improve it though. I used 10mm copper pipes instead of 15mm as that the advise i had from a tutor however as i have 10mm hols the chair so pipe goes through the hols as its 10mm as well. In the near future i will change the pipes into 15mm. Also ideally i wanted to have twisted wire instead of the pipes however it was way to costly so i used copper instead.

This is the experiment with the wire which i liked and would of preferred to use.


& finally this is my finished chair.

PicsArt_1432822958213 PicsArt_1432823047111 PicsArt_1432823085700

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