Proceeding with the print

As i have mentioned previously i am not the best at drawing so i wasn’t able to draw an image of a tiger. I did try to see if i could convert an original photograph to a stencil using Photoshop. Unfortunately i couldn’t do it and did not get the effect i wanted, so i looked up n internet using google and picket a stencil of a tiger that i liked the most.
Tigers reminds me power and an exotic weather which i am very keen on, so looking at the lamp that i have got at the recycling center I have decided to make the cover playful, inspired by Caribbean islands. Looking at different pictures of different islands i noticed that i draw most attention to palm trees as the sea. Which would be my ideal place to escape. I decided to imitate, in my opinion perfect place, on the lamp. I picked a bright blue colour fabric and decided to use a palm tree on it as an image. I have looked at different stencils online for palm tree and there were plenty to choose from.

images (1)


Once i have gathered the definite pictures of the stencils i want to use, i have made a trip to a print studio where all screen printing happens. I have experience is screen sprinting however as i haven’t done it for a while i needed to refresh my memory, once i have been inducted to it i was good to proceed with the print.

I have decided to use black ink on both the prints as on the tiger i want to sew into it to have more effect also i like the idea of black and white. The lamp i wanted something matching the base as i liked the contrast with the white porcelain and black base and wanted to keep that.



once i have finished screen printing them i have waited patiently. Once it was dry, which in all fairness, it didn’t take that long, about an hour or so. I was ready to stitch into the tiger using free hand stitch. Also i cut the pattern of the lamp after i have done the print as that way it was easier to control the fabric. I really like screen printing process, its quite exciting to see when its all printed.



I decided to stitch in a blue colour tread as i thought of doing bright blue colour chair legs so the pattern would match. Unfortunately once i stitched into the tiger i didn’t like the effect. I much preferred when it was only a print. In my opinion the print only didn’t look completely finished however with the stitch i just don’t think its good enough to go on the back of the chair as I planned.

No matter how much i liked the print i decided to turn this into a cushion instead. As I still want to use a print i have made as it isn’t so bad however i do not think i is good enough for a chair so a cushion to go with the chair is the best solution i can think of as i do not wanna waist the print which i still like.

What concerns a lamp pattern and the print, all of it was going quite smooth. Once it printed i have cut the pattern out and using sewing machine stitch two sides together, Once that was done i used my hands to stitch the pattern on the light-shade metal structure. When everything was fixed in i used beaded ribbon all around the to and the bottom of the lampshade, so you cannot see any stitching and its a nice finish. I picked the beads because i personally really liked them and it gives a playful feel to it.


I am happy the way the lap turned out its better than i expected to be completely honest.

From this starting point (the way i found it) :


To this finished piece.


My final cushion where i used the tiger print with the stitch going through it. As a cushion i think it works quite well. I chose to do a letter type of cover because i simply didn’t have a zip đŸ™‚


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