Live projects that would suit me

Looking of live projects is quite a hard matter for me as even if i find a project i might appeal i do not feel confidant enough to even think about entering. Also the truth is i do not see myself as an artist of any form. Although as it is one of the requirements i am looking into the live projects/ exhibitions would be possibly appealing to my practice or my interest. My main interest which i kept developing through out my course without realizing, is recycling. I love working with used materials and explore the ideas of what is possible to do out of something that once was. Also my interest is in home furnishings or home ornaments.

So looking at my interest and my previous work i decided to look for any projects or exhibitions on recycled material or home furnishings. I don’t seem to across many, perhaps i am not searching right? however i did find an open exhibition that welcome any artist and their art. It is by Mall Galleries – federation of British art. They welcome any contemporary figurative art by living artists. No matter what is your skill, is is possible to apply. So i guess that could be an option for me.

Makers market is al well interesting as its a perfect opportunity not only ow off your work but also sell it and make some money.

I come across a brilliant site with a lot of opportunities listed which are open to apply and show off the work, i big list which would suit many. This is very useful i believe for future reference.

This is another great site for opportunities that are suitable for my practice.

Wales spring fair would personally interet me as it an open craft fair where any kind of designer maker can showcase their work.

As for the medal, i was quite nervous to show off my made medal at Cardiff down the Bay, but once it was there i was quite proud of it. I think it looked great. So as i didn’t submit my medal to BAMS tis year, which i wasn’t even planing to, however next year i am going to try and submit a bronze medal followed by the same theme i have made his year.

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