Subject – overall experiance

At the beginning of the year when the subject guidelines have been given, I didn’t feel very interested in medal making as the first impressions were that is going to be boring. however after the research and finding out that it doesn’t have to be out of bronze or look like an ordinary medal, I took hight interest into it. at first ideas were vague but as soon as I found a theme I was passionate about, everything start falling into places. I took a subject of my medal theme about life and how we get lost along the way in life sometimes and how it is important to keep the personal confidence and keep seeing for your purpose in life. How it is important to live a full life and enjoy everyday. My main medal that I personally like the most the wooden compass of life which works as a compass too just not an ordinary one 🙂 The pewter medals come well too and I am happy with it. I do like how my experimental pieces of work became my final piece. I believe I will be using this technique again again.

As for seed project first few sessions really stressed me out and I was rather worried on what to do. As I didn’t particularly want to submit anything for any live project and ididnt feel very interested in them. I did find segna the light project quite good as I like working with light however I am not very deep thinker so I couldn’t come up with interesting enough concept for it. So then I have moved to design consequences as this is more of an open project which I can discover my likes invite process. I decided to look at recycling as this is something that always interested me. My first research didn’t really ‘grab me’ that much but I felt quite close of working with textile.I actually enjoy textile work even though I don’t do it offten. Holding that tough I decide to look at recycling old clothes or fabrics etc and making it into house furnishings – cushions, throws and door stops also possibly a wall hanging. Having that in mind it didn’t seem enough for seed and it felt like primer work instead of what I should be doing now. So with some advice I decided to look into upholstery and go back to research about home ornaments/furnishings. From my research I fell in love with rococo style, upholstery and certain patch work using recycled materials.

From that I decide to go on the hunt and see what I can find for free or at least very cheap that also suits my needs. I found a recycling centre in Newport well….in other words a place where all the rubbish gets taken into 🙂

As I asked so nicely and dropped a student  liner. The workers there eventually opened the skip where they keep trown away furniture and some other household stuff. That must of been my lucky day as as soon as they open the door, there it was a perfect wingchair. To also how with that not far from it there was a run down lamp which I found it cute even tho it was very dirty.

From that moment my designconsequences project came to life and I was finally confidant in what I was doing. I did come with few difficulties along the way however I managed to come around it just in time for the show.

Over all experience this year is quite positive and I do feel myself growing. Looking forward new challenges next year.

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