Research & Development questionnaire

To understand where we stand in the world with our work we have been provided with the questionnaire to complete.

  • Identify three key values in your own practice?
  1. Up-cycling
  2. Textiles
  3. Aesthetic look/ elegant

I have developed a big interest in up cycling items, and to the phrase that ”one mans trash is the other ones treasure”, so for this year and my practice after I would definitely say it is important to me. I enjoy textiles a lot so this would be included into my values as I enjoy making soft furnishings. This would most likely include screen printing and embroidery work. As for the aesthetic look, that is more what I believe is beautiful and pleases my eye. The items I make I do try to make them with the smooth finish and eye appealing. My most inspiration that I am attracted to is 1700s more of Victorian era rococo style patterns, furniture, and ornaments. However that is only an inspiration and I am hoping to develop an individual and contemporary look based on the style that intrigues me.

  • What is the purpose/function of your practice?

The purpose would be that I am turning unused, unwanted item into eye appealing, new looking one. Giving a new life and a new beginning.

  • Who is your audience/user?

The audience could be anything above 18 years of age however realistically I would aim for anyone 25+, because of my style inspiration choices and because over 25s tend to have more stability within their life and would be prepared to pay for an item(s)

  • How do you access them?

The most powerful thing this day – internet

  1. Online sale / through my website
  2. online sale as Ebay or Etsy, Pinterest ( board)

I would attend craft fairs and exhibitions where I can showcase and sell my work. I would look into local craft fairs at the beginning and depending on the income I would apply to sell my work around different fairs.  here is the site mainly aimed at crafters and craft fair organisers, it is a simple way to find a right fair to attend  around Wales that interests you.  Reupholsterers & Loose cover makers job opportunity that would interest me, although they are looking for experience which I am hoping to gain though this year. this would interest me as an opportunity too however I do not have the experience required yet.

  • What materials and processes are important to your practice?

Materials that is important to me would be textiles, wood. The most processes I enjoy and are important are the screen printing onto the fabric, fabric dye, embroidery and sewing. I enjoy working with wood although I am not sure how could I corporate wood work into my work.

Lazer cutter is important and I would like to corporate that into my work somehow.

  • What skills do you want to progress to a professional standard this year
  1. Upholstery
  2. sewing
  3. Fabric dye and screen printing
  4. Design making
  5. Vectorworks/AutoCAD 2D/3D and Sketch Up
  •  Where do you situate your work/practice within a professional context?

Not sure.

  •  Identify 3 professional practitioners/ environments that work in the contexts identified above


I really like this artist and the way she work. I like that she uses found items and builds collages using textiles.

2. an artist that works with plastic


Where/how do you see yourself working in 5 years?

Working with council helping unfortunate adults and teenagers to gain skills, teaching them craft and how to decorate their home with minimum to no budget.

Possibility of making soft furnishing as a side job.

  • How do you know if you work is of a professional standard

Good quality, creative,

  • Where can it all go wrong?

No passion in what you do.

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