This year for my project i want to work with light, so i thought of making a lampshade or a chandalear. Here is some inspirational lampshades that i like.


I like these because it is colourful and vibrant, has the ‘retro’ feel to it. Perhaps it is not the most creative shades but the colours do compliment each other well.

These light are more of intalation in a way than mood setting household light, i do think they are fantastic and would be perfect in a ‘chill’ room, i would like them smaller though than so oversized. i found these at
On this one i love the way the light reflects on the wall. Seems clean and simple design.
once again i do love the effect it gives on the wall.
here is another light fixture that i really like, reminds me of elegance and glamour, abot of 1940 perhaps.
These are stunning, i love the black marbles and the diamontis, also very settle shape.
These are created by Spanish designer Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte, he used traditional techniques and naturtal materials to create thsese contemporary lighting design. it is very athmosphese setting with the settle light shining through each shade. I do really like them, also loving the simple shapes.
I think this is such a cleaver design! easy portable and contemporary looking shade. This is not only smart but very conviniant.

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