Statment on the piece

I have decided to combine my interest of nature and spirituality into one piece. For this year project I am creating a lampshade based on chakra which each of us have, weather we believe in it or not. There are seven main chakras in human body which are as disks of invisible energy that runs throughout the body. Each chakra represents different aspects of living and it runs from the base of the spine though the crown of the head. Each of them have a different colour; purple- crown; blue- third eye, light blue- throat, green- heart, yellow- solar plexus, orange- sacral, red- root, which is also an aspect that attracted me to the subject. I personally relate positive energy to nature so I have decided to incorporate acanthus leaf within a design, which would also relates to my interest of Victorian era style that I have developed throughout the course.  The shades will contain laser cut acanthus leaf out of acrylic sheets which would be the colour of the chakra, within the frame I am planning to have rings joining the frame together and a white porcelain bowl shaped shade inside of the frame. In order to set the mood I am going to use a warm while bulb to compliment the shade as well as give relaxing atmosphere. I am looking into most convenient way to build the shades, so the lampshades I am going to complete is going to be a foldable design. I am trying to find an easy way to put the shade together which would be easily portable and suitable for any age group to do.

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