In a search for concept

This year we have the freedom to create what ever we are into. What ever is the area we specialize in. However considering myself I do not tend to specialize in one area, as my interest of materials are very wide. I  am more interested in recycling and creating artifact out of recycled materials or at least use an aspect of recycling one way or the other. So the initial idea was to recycle paper as I believe paper is s precious thing and we tend to waist a lot of it everyday. The amount of advertisement I get through post could could make up a whole tree 🙂

So I decided to recycle paper and make lampshades out of it. The process is fairly easy although it can be time consuming as drying time is takes at least couple days.

I have made few of them and I wasn’t too happy with the outside roughness of it and the thickness, I also aiming for the lamp to look elegant and pretty which paper lamp didn’t have the quality of it which I hoped at the beginning. I still like the idea of it and perhaps I will pursue it sometime later on, as there is ways to make the outside smooth and I believe by painting it or with the right decoration it could be a successful piece.

As for now I decided to look into what I like and have a feel for. Taking in from last year I have discovered my taste to rococo style as well as 18th century designs. I have looked into what i particularly like out of that era and I have noticed I am drawn to acanthus leaf which was very popular at that time. Also as well as nature and certain animals, which ideally is one of my biggest interest as it is anyway.

However liking a type of a leaf , doesn’t give me a very strong or good concept for my final year artifact, due to that and with some advice I had to rule that out as well as the paper shades.

I find it little bit had not having a direct brief of what to make, and this openness of possibilities is rather scary. Due to some personal choices I have decided to start meditation a while ago. Which l led me to look into chakras and their meaning. The most attraction to me is their colors and that it is relevant to everyone who are spiritual open people. This led me to a decision to make a chakra lamp which would be done out of porcelain slip.

I do not specialize working with clay and to be completely open I have avoided ceramic through out my course until now, which of course now I wish I haven’t. It is not my favorite material to work with however I am willing to try to do my best as I have already started it.

As much as I like the concept as this relates to me at this point in my life,I am still not convinced that I am going to be happy with the outcome at the end which worries me, I just do not feel connected to the idea that I am pursuing. Perhaps because it doesn’t contain ‘ OTT’ effect and neither any glamour or playfulness. 

Due to this matter I am going to reassess the idea, and any other possibilities so I could connect to my work.





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