My process of coming up with this final idea has been long and rather stressful, but I am finally happy with the outcome of the final idea that I am planning to produce for the end of this year.
As an end result I am hoping to have a contemporary, easy portable, playful, convenient and usable piece of work. I would imagine the lampshades I am going to produce would be sold separately and would be made for mass production at the stores like habitat or lighting stores and contemporary household stores.
The lampshades I finally set my heart to are initially inspired by chakras but I have decided to cut the seriousness about it and concentrate on their colour instead, as this always was one of the main matters that attracted me to go into spirituality subject. I failed to recognise for a long time what has attracted me to chakras and the ideas that I was coming up with, I struggled to find the sync between the ideas and the concept that I was going with.
I am a big nature lover and a fan of Victorian era co I came to the conclusion that I should combine the three elements together to create one outcome. This way I would enjoy making work and my final year. At first it seemed impossible as chakras does not have much in common with Victorian er, however once I have recognised which factors I am mostly attracted to from the three subjects that mostly influence me at this time and are important to me I have come up with a clear image of what I want to achieve for my final piece of work of the year.
I found my fascination of acanthus leaf since last year as well as rococo style, so I decided to have lase cut out of acrylic prospects acanthus leaves. The colour of the acrylic prospects will be based and inspired by the chakras colour, as I come to understanding that the colour is the main factor that I like about them. I like my lampshade to be easy build and easily portable, so any age person could manage to build it and take it apart and bring it with them if on the move due to circumstances. To do that the shades will have to be flat packed and easily assembled.
To join the laser cut acanthus leafs I will have acrylic rings joining them together, so it just slots in each other. I also going to have the shade I have been working on in while porcelain in the middle of the acrylic structure. The porcelain shade is going to be plain white and I am still debating on the glaze. I am aware that the glazed item would be more protected from spillage accidents or even long term hanging as the air caries dust, I take in consideration a smoking environment, as if the shade hanging over a long time it would get yellow coating.

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