Statment for intent for exhabition

Within the time left to complete the project it is fair to say I am rather behind due to my slow idea development this year. Now that I like my idea and I have a clear image of what I am going to do for my final piece I can precede working on it with more positive approach. First I have to get some support in using illustrator as coral draw is not available anymore and I need to do laser cutting to complete the design. I need to build acanthus leaf forms on illustrator and also the rings that would be joining them together. Once it is done I can experiment and figure out of how to join the laser cut frame to the ceramic light shade so it becomes once piece. Purchase acrylic prospects depending on chakra colours ideally 6 mm (although it wold be fine with 3 mm too) thick and once they arrive finalize the designs and laser cut the final shapes of the acanthus leafs that i would have created on illustrator. In the meantime while sorting the purchase of acrylic an dealing with design issues, I am planning to slip-cast porcelain light shades and decide whether it is worth of gazing it or not. looking to seek some advice on whether it should glaze it clear or not as I do lack the knowledge in the ceramic area, so if I should then bisque fire the shades first, make a glaze, which is either going to be clear or mat while, and then glaze it and fire it again at the right temperature which believe is 1280 c although I would have to double check on that when I am, at that stage. I am planning to achieve all this as soon as possible, as knowing me I have to give plenty time and flexibility for mistakes.
Here is my bullet plan that I am going to follow

*Build acanthus leaf cut outs ready to laser cut, as well as the circles that would be joining them together
*Experiment and figure out how the ceramic shade and the acrylic frame would join together to become one piece.
*Get the right colour acrylic prospects ideally 4 mm thick.
*Finalize the design and laser cut it out of acrylic prospects
*Slip-cast the porcelain light shades
*Bisque fire
*make a clear mat graze
*glaze the shades
*fire the shades
*Join the pieces together.
*If time left, would be nice to create a packaging sample of what it would look flat-packed ready for sale.
*Exhibit it.

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