Evaluation of the work so far


As mentioned previously I have struggled on developing ideas right from the beginning and I haven’t been connecting with my work or the concepts in that matter. Due to the fact I do not have a finished piece to evaluate, however I can evaluate my journey of developing the final idea that at this point I am more than happy about. 

It has been a slow and rather stressful process, as whatever I was coming up with wasn’t very good and I wasn’t feeling very positive about it. 

At first i looked into recycling as that is one of my interests, I like the fact that there are many possibilities of reusing once new item. So I though recycling paper and making paper lamps as there are tons of unneeded paper that just simply goes to waist. Once i have experimented I have noticed that wasn’t what I was looking for. Keeping the same shape of the lampshade in mind, I have changed my concept and went into spirituality rout as that was relating to me at that time and I also think they have bright playful colours which attracted me to the concept of chakras. I have decided to create my own designs based on Indian patterns and hidden chakra meanings within and pace it on the lampshades; however that wasn’t going down well as I am not particularly brilliant drawer and the whole thing seemed too serious. Meanwhile I carried on experimenting in creating the shades with slip-casing and pressing into the moulds. 

Right at the beginning of the year I looked into Victorian style and acanthus leaf in particular, as I am simply a fan of rococo style, although I ruled that out quickly as it didn’t have a good concept to base it on. In a way I wish I never dropped it and carried on the with the ideas that was approaching at the time however I wouldn’t be where I am now with my final design which I am more than happy about. I might be behind but at least I found something positive within my ideas. 

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